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  • Shamanic Journeying
    "Partnering with Compassionate Helping Spirits"

    Saturday, June 14,2014 - 9:30-5:00
    Instructed by Shamanic Arts practioner Carole Meade, MS, ATR

    Shamanism is an ancient powerful practice.
    This is the workshop where students learn the basics of shamanic journeying to non ordinary reality

    to meet with spirit guides and helpers,  enter altered states of consciousness & journey to find your power animal,

    This workshop is a required before you may register for the Advanced Classes.
    @ Ancient Ways 1700 Woodland. Call 515-280-3375 to register
    $85.00 day of class, $ 80.00 advance payment

    Carole Meade

  • Elements of a Magick Circle, August 26th - September 30, 2014, 6- Tues. nights, 6:45-8:15ish .  Classes beginning with the art of magic, we deepen our vision and focus our will, empowering ourselves to act in the world. In this class we begin the practice of Magick, by working with the Elements of Magick: Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Spirit. Each class is structured as a participatory ritual and includes practical ritual and magical tools. You will learn the ritual technologies we use to create sacred space, honor divinity, and wield magical tools. We welcome both beginning students, and advanced students who want to deepen their experience of the sacred elements. Prerequisite: Reading of the first six chapters of The Spiral Dance by Starhawk. We ask that applicants be committed to attending all classes. For registration call: 515-280-3375 or 515-274-9034 $20. Per/week, $90. pd in full in advance1702 Woodland

  • Astrology - As Above, So Below Connect with the Wisdom of Astrology
  • Exploring the Inner Mysteries of the Tarot - 9 Classes with Anita Shekinah - Click here for more info>>>
  • Shamanic Journeying “Walking Between Worlds”
    Instructed by Shamanic Arts practioner Carole Meade, MS, ATR
    Shamanism is an ancient powerful practice. Meet your personal spirit guide; enter altered states of consciousness, journey & find your power animal, travel to different levels of reality.
    @ Ancient Ways 3029 Ingersoll call 274-9034.
    $20 per class or $75.00 brightstr44@aol.com
  • Herbalism- Learn the Wisdom of Basic Nutritional and Medicinal Herbalism
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